General conditions for Girbau's website
Girbau, S.A. details
Girbau, S.A, located in Vic, Carretera de Manlleu, Km. 1 (Spain), Tel. +34-938861100, Fax. +34-938860785,, listed on the Central Mercantile Register (volume 32066, page 162, section B32798, inscription 57, file a-n reference no 65) with fiscal identification number A-08-276438.
The information contained in this section is in compliance with the requirements as per article 10 of act 34/2002, of the11th of July, with regard to the company's information and e-commerce services.
Conditions of use
This website has been created by Girbau, SA. The use of this website is subject to the following conditions. We recommend you read through these conditions thoroughly, making sure they are fully understood since the use of the said website will automatically assume the acceptance of those conditions.
If you are not in agreement with the conditions outlined below, please do not continue to visit this website.
The use of any material contained in this website
Girbau, SA grants permission to visit and download information from this website for personal use only; it is strictly forbidden without receiving prior consent from Girbau SA, to reproduce, distribute, modify, display, or in any way make use of the contents of this website as the basis for a commercial purpose.
Girbau, SA grants you the permission to copy the contents of this website to be temporarily stored on your own personal computer providing it is for your own personal reference and use at home and is not to be used for any commercial purpose.
Conditions for visiting and making use of the website.
The following websites:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and can all be visited by any user whatsoever freely and free of charge providing it continues to be exclusively for personal use.However, since various services are available on request from the website, it will be necessary for the user to complete a form with the details and information as indicated.
The user must vouch for the authenticity of the details transmitted and will be held entirely responsible for any false or inaccurate declarations. Any personal details supplied will be subject to Act 15/1999, of the 13th December with regard to personal data protection legislation.
As a consequence of users visiting the following websites:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, a database file has been created containing personal information which is the property of Girbau, SA and is registered on the Spanish Data Protection Agency's Register under the following headings:
• "USERS REGISTERED ON THE WEBSITE", inscription code number "2061100280"
• "PERSONS INTERESTED IN PRODUCTS", inscription code number "2061100247"
• "INTERESTED IN WORKING FOR GIRBAU", inscription code number "2061100301"
In accordance with constitutional law, Act 15/1999, of the 13th December, regarding data protection (LOPD) we wish to inform you that Girbau, SA, being a mercantile company, with registered office at Vic, Carretera de Manlleu, Km. 1 (Spain) is to be the final destination for the said data and the company will as such make any decisions regarding the use of this database, its content and the treatment of personal data as provided by users.
The information provided will be used as a means of accessing the documentation obtainable from Girbau's website in addition to marketing, sales and support services. Mercantile company Girbau, SA reserves the right to pass the aforementioned information on to other companies within the Girbau group, in other countries, to be used for the same purpose as previously mentioned.
Users can exercise their legal rights of access, to rectify , cancel or object to the use of their personal data, in writing, in charge of Girbau's Internet department, at the previously indicated e-mail address:
Information regarding cookies
The user's consent to the use of cookies will in all cases facilitate identification solely for the purpose of enabling the user's web browser to access the various website pages and visit other Girbau, SA. websites. The user can, in any eventuality, reject or impede the installation of cookies opting to modify the configuration of their web browser themselves.
Girbau SA reserves the right, at any time without any prior notification, to modify or make changes to the contents, services and information included in this website, and also to control or cancel the existing conditions of use which apply to the said website.
Liability exclusion
The material contained in this website may contain technical or other errors. Girbau SA refuse to accept any liability for any direct, indirect, accidental or penal damage caused as a result of accessing or using this website.
Applicable legislation and Jurisdiction
This website is controlled, made use of and administered by Mercantile company Girbau, SA from the company's offices in Vic (Barcelona).
The above conditions of use are in accordance with Spanish law. Both the website proprietor and the user expressly renounce all rights and will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of law in Vic (Barcelona) to resolve any controversy which may arise from the provision of services opposed to those conditions of use. In the event that the user's residence is outside Spain, the website proprietor and the user will be both expressly renounce all rights and be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of law in the town of Vic (Barcelona).