4- THE NATURE OF DIRT Summary of chapter 4: Enter
All undesirable foreign bodies deposited on a surface at a given moment DEFINITION: What is dirt?
Dirt adheres to the textiles due to:Physical-chemical adhesion rulesStatic electricity relationshipChemical reactionsor simply by gravity ADHERING MECHANISMS: Location Type of stains Inside the fibres Fats in acrylic fibres Between fibres Liquid dirts Between threads Liquid dirts On the surface of fibres By gravity, pigment dirt
DIRT SOLUBLE Pigmentary Proteins NON-SOLUBLE Greases ColourantsIron oxide Inorganic salts TYPES OF DIRT:
PIGMENT DIRT Definition It is composed of small solid particles that dissolve with great difficulty in water-based solutions. Adhering mechanisms Attached to the tissues by electrical forces or by simple physical adhesion. Accumulated between threads or on the surface of the fabric Examples CindersClayMudDust Removal mechanisms Mechanical action application, in very fine dirts help with moisturising products