Girbau, creating value
GIRBAU S.A. is a family company that has established itself as one of the main international groups in the manufacture of equipment for all types of laundries, regardless of size business sector.
It has four production sites, in Spain and France, specializing in the different product lines that cover all the processes of an industrial laundry.
Ot has also set up three specialised divisions to serve clients' specific requirements, the Commercial Laundry Division for small and medium-sized laundries, the Vended Laundry Division for self-service laundries and the Industrial Laundry Division for laundries with high-volume operational requirements.
Girbau’s philosophy has always been one of promoting closeness with its clients. Thus in 1989 it embarked on an internationalisation process that continues to this day.

It currently has 15 commercial subsidiaries around the world, together with an extensive distribution and service network in more than 100 countries.
Commercial Laundry Division
Laundry equipment and services. We manufacture equipment. We provide solutions.
A hotel is not the same as a nursing home, or a health-care centre, a gymnasium, or a rural inn. Each and every one is different, but they do have a common need to impeccably wash laundry to provide excellent service to their customers.

The Girbau commercial laundry division, an expert on the particularities of each sector, has developed a wide range of products designed to provide personalised washing solutions to suit every type of business.
This division supplies a wide range of products, including washing machines, dryers, ironers, finishing equipment and other auxiliary machinery for professional laundries.
Let Girbau consult you and enjoy the advantages of a solution designed especially for your needs.
Vended Laundry Division
Reliability, saving and user experience
The special features of self-service launderettes require specialisation. The user experience and business performance are the two pillars on which Girbau’s Vended Laundry division rests.
The machinery must be easy to use, give excellent results for professional-standard washing and drying, be reliable and robust and provide added value for the vended laundry business: competitive prices thanks to their low consumption, which also allow self-service to be associated with reduced environmental impact.
The vended laundry division offers Girbau’s long experience to self-service launderettes all over the world for a common purpose: to create profitable businesses for the owner and pleasant places for the user.
Industrial Laundry Division.
Profitability means two words: productivity and streamlining.
When a facility is planned for a high-volume laundry, the challenge begins is on for the Girbau Group to create a new venture able to obtain maximum profitability at the required level of quality.
This is only possible when the right equipment is provided to meet production needs and the most efficient criteria are applied throughout the operational process.
With its experience, the Industrial Laundry Division of the Girbau Group works hard to assure that the laundry complies with these key factors to assure the success of your company: the right equipment, streamlined laundry circulation flows, automation of processes, minimum energy consumption and care for the environment.
This division has an extensive range of products, including: washing systems (batch washers, presses, dryers), ironing systems (flatwork ironers, feeders, folders, stackers), towel folders and workwear, as well as ancillary equipment.
Girbau in the world. The internationalisation process
Girbau Group has 645 employees and 15 sales subsidiaries around the world, together with an extensive distribution and technical support network in more than 100 countries.
S.A. GIRBAU was set up in France on January 1st 1989 in order to distribute the company’s products directly and provide technical service in this country, and to manage the commercial laundry division. It is based in Roissy CDG Cedex, Paris.
In 2001 the company acquired the French firm JEAN MICHEL, an R&D centre devoted to the manufacture of automated processes for heavy-duty laundry facilities. Since 2010 the production plant has been known as SOCIÉTÉ GIRBAU ROBOTICS.
In 1992 the GIRBAU CUBA branch was opened in Havana.
United States
CONTINENTAL GIRBAU INC was formed in the United States in 1995 with the aim of expanding into new areas. In 2000, new premises were built with a floor area of over 3,500 sq. metres, including offices, a warehouse, an after sales service and a training centre. It is currently housed at a 6,300 sq. metre site in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
In 2008, the CGWEST office was opened in Santa Fe Springs, California, with the aim of improving the service and coverage provided to the western part of the US.
United Kingdom
Control of ANGLOWEST DISTRIBUITORS LTD. was acquired in 1996, and in 2007 this company merged with JHC Laundry Equipment Limited - a company that was well known in the UK for the quality of its technical assistance service - giving rise to GIRBAU UK. Currently based in Hitchin, near London, the company acts as a dealer for GIRBAU S.A., due to the position of the former in the British market.
In October 1997, GIRBAU DO BRASIL was established in São Paulo, with the same aims as the previous companies.
Control of ARGASA, S.A. in Buenos Aires was acquired in July 1999. Argasa was already our dealer, but we wished to have a stronger presence in the Argentine market. In 2008 Argasa, S.A. became Girbau Argentina, S.A.
United Arab Emirates
At the end of 2000, GIRBAU MIDDLE EAST, FZCO was constituted in Dubai to improve the commercial control in the Gulf States and other Islamic countries. It is based in the Jebel Ali Free Zone.
In March 2003, GIRBAU DEUTSCHLAND opened its doors in Hanover, Germany.
In 2004, GIRBAU CHINA was launched, with offices in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. A new office was opened in Beijing in 2007 with the aim of opening up the Asian market.
GIRBAU ITALIA was created in January 2010 with the aim of strengthening the company’s international projection and consolidating the industrial division’s market penetration.
In July 2011 Girbau acquired the distribution company Advance Commercial Laundry Equipment, which became GIRBAU AUSTRALIA; a move designed to consolidate the brand in the country. The firm had distributed Girbau products in Australia since 1984, particularly in the hotel and care home sectors.
Dominican Republic
GIRBAU DOMINICANA was created in January 2011 in Punta Cana, with the aim of offering a more direct and specialised service for clients that the company has been working with since 1992.
In May 2012 Girbau’s presence in Portugal culminated in a new subsidiary, GIRBAU PORTUGAL which will allow the group to consolidate its portfolio of clients in the country by providing a closer technical and commercial service.
February 2015 sees the opening of Girbau Mexico, with the intention of reinforcing the service for key international accounts in the area.