Automatic front-loading Shrinkwrapper for Large Formats
Shrink tunnel included


The BP1102AS automatic front-loading shrinkwrapper adapts the in-line packaging to packages of large size items: quilts, blankets, towels or rugs.
Automatic loading via conveyor allows rapid input of the collected linen. The maximum packet length can reach 2 metres (2,000 mm) with a maximum production of up to 12 packs per minute or 720 packs per hour. Technical specifications:

  • Shrinkwrapper for working with large-sized products, groupings of bedspreads, blankets, towels, rugs, …
  • Compact structure, with support stands.
  • Automatic product loading by conveyor belt, suitable for connecting onto production line.
  • 1,070 mm wide sealing bar.
  • Pneumatic sealing bar, with cold blade film cutting.
  • Maximum length of pack 2,000 mm.
  • Maximum production capacity: 12 packs per minute.
  • Feeding conveyor with speed adjustment controlled by means of an inverter.
  • Motor-driven upper unwinder, controlled by an invertir.
  • Motor-driven lower unwinder.
  • Metric scale for centring the reels.
  • Operates by reading the product by photocell or by length of pack.
  • Operates in automatic mode, semi-automatic mode or free passage.
  • Digital control panel with Flextron electronics.
Parameters adjustable from the panel:
  • 10 different working cycle memories.
  • Automatic bar height control.
  • Adjustable input conveyor and tunnel conveyor.
  • Temperature of the clamp (sealing bar).
  • Automatic shutoff system.
Process statistics:
  • Pack counter.
  • Pack length detection.
  • Instantaneous production.
  • Machine performance.
  • Control of anomalous packs.
  • Double chamber shrinking tunnel, to ensure good finishing in large-sized products.
  • Tunnel conveyor controlled by inverter (speed adjustment).
  • Adjustable tunnel air flow using independent deflectors located at the input and output of the tunnel.
  • Includes a turbine to cool the pack at the tunnel output.