CED+ Movable lifting conveyor
CED+ Movable lifting conveyor

Availave versions CE+    1 belt CED+  1 belt CED+  twin 2 belts



The key factors to your business: 

  • The CED+ elevating conveyor distributes the linen cakes coming from the water-extracting press. In an automated and programmed way, with the cake following the marked out circuit, thereby avoiding downtimes and allowing it to be fully integrated into the batch washer system.
  • The communication with the Batch Managing Tool makes it possible to control and manage the distribution activities, thus improving the efficiency of the overall process time.
  • Safety: The conveyor incorporates a system of FD-FDD protective barriers, creating a safety area between the press and the dryers. For added safety, if the barrier doors are opened, the moving parts of the conveyor and its surroundings are automatically halted