Flatwork ironer FN48
Flatwork ironer FN48



The key factors to your business:

  • Maximum productivity and efficiency: The design of the flatwork ironer allows fluids to circulate easily, thereby distributing the heat evenly throughout the cylinder. There are no temperature variations over the useful ironing surface.
  • Uniformity of ironing: The ironing finish is perfect because the flexibility of the padding and the compression capacity of the Springpress spring system make the roller pressure uniform.
  • Energy consumption and ironing adjusted to suit every requirement: Inteli control makes it easy to program and adjust all the parameters to ensure that the ironing is just what each item of linen requires.
  • Minimum maintenance: The rigid tray system results in much less wear than other construction systems. Easy access to the inside of the ironer aids maintenance tasks.
  • The option with gas heating provides a saving in consumption of up to 25%, with an energy efficiency of 93%.  

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