Folders FR Series
Folders  FR Series


The key factors to your business:

-Adaptability: The range of Girbau folders and their configuration possibilities allows you to choose the most suitable machinery for your business, depending on the size and type of articles to be folded.

-Better management: The ability of the folder to communicate in an integrated way with the flatwork ironing system makes it possible to increase productivity and achieve greater efficiency.

-Ease of programming: The Inteli system used throughout the Girbau flatwork ironing system allows any operator to program and execute the functions of the folder very easily.

-Versatility: The folders can be used on any number of lanes that may required at any moment, making folds that adjust to the size of each item of linen.

-Synchronisation with all the flatwork ironers: Girbau folders can be synchronised with any ironer.

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