Laundry Managment Point
Laundry Managment Point

Unlimited machines can be connected 
TFT Touchscreen 17’’ anti-vandal
Ready for remote conexión


A centralized laundry payment system suitable for managing an unlimited number of machines, which makes it possible to store the cash securely at a single point and aid its subsequent collection.
Security guaranteed with an anti-vandal system consisting of a sturdy body and a safety lock. Easy to install either by building in, over a pedestal or using a bolted anchoring system.
Makes it possible to manage the laundry by providing machine usage data (number of cycles, hours) and incidents tracking as well as aiding accounting tasks.
The customer has a wide range of payment possibilities: coins, notes, credit card and/or customer card.
In addition, there is the possibility of remote access and full control over the washing/drying machines using Girbau’s exclusive two-way communication system.


  •  A management card to access the menus for settings, accounting, recording of incidents and statistics without opening the machine. It also makes it possible to configure all the parameters of the programmer for the washing machines and to be informed of their status or incidents at all times.
  •  Makes it possible to access management functions remotely, as well as starting/stopping the washing and drying cycles.
  •  Possibility of setting special prices for operations with the customer loyalty card.
  •  Variation in prices depending on the time of day and day of the week.
  •  Ticket for each purchase.
  •  Personalised invoicing for specific customers.
  •  Can be used as a change-providing machine