A set of peristaltic pumps with direct input of detergent to the washer, with each detergent being delivered to the washing machine in a separate hose.


Having an automatic supply of detergents in a vended establishment is an added value for your customers; an opportunity to wash the linen with highly effective and professional detergents. FEATURES:

  • The assembly operates completely managed by the smart control of the Girbau washing machines. No additional controls are required for its use.
  • The dosing system automatically adjusts the programmed dosing depending on the load in washing machines equipped with the JUST in LOAD function.
  • A set of 3 peristaltic pumps, with a nominal flow rate of 15 litres/hour.
  • A compact dosing system with the set of pumps in the same box. It can be fitted with more pumps on request.
  • A peristaltic tube manufactured from EPDM. It can be supplied in other materials on request.
  • PVC suction rods for drawing the chemical product from the container to the equipment.
  • Suction rods with built in non-return valves and a level probe system.
  • A PLUG & PLAY connection system. All the connections and elements required are supplied with the equipment to ensure that commissioning is quick and easy.