P-86 ironer
P-86 ironer
Cylinder diam. 160 mm
Electric heating
Cylinder length: 830 mm


The  P-86 ironer is ideal for small restaurants and hotels, which require small productions, with a level of professional finish. The keys to your business:  

  • Minimum space: Since it is a wall type and can operate up against the wall, it requires very little space for its installation.
  • A professional finish for all types of linen: It can iron flat items (tablecloths, sheets, ....) and the flat parts of shaped items (trousers, overalls, ...)
  • Easy to use: The P-86 is very intuitive to use.
  • Safety and ergonomics: It is controlled by a foot pedal, thus allowing the operator to work in a comfortable and ergonomic position. A safety bar ensures that fingers and hands are protected during the process.