PB/PBP Series
PB/PBP Series



Tkey factors to your business:

  • Productivity: input and output at the front of the machine makes it possible for a single operator to iron the linen. The entire surface of the ironing cylinder is exploited.
  • Chromeplated cylinder for a better heat conduction.
  • Autospeed: the ironer speed can be adjusted automatically depending on the moisture content of the linen. Energy savings and increased productivity.
  • Automatic folding: the PBP version folds the linen automatically regardless of its length. There is no need to enter the length of the item.
  • Easy to use: the control that operates using icons, allows to operate the ironer quickly and intuitively
  • Easy maintenance and increase of the life of the straps.
  • Ergonomics: the ironer structure and the conveyor height allow an ergonomic position of the operator, achieving a better performance.
  • Safety: several safety mechanisms protect the operator. The handguard incorporates a double sensor hand protector.


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