RMG Series Hard-mount Medium High Speed
RMG Series Hard-mount Medium High Speed



  • Medium-high spin 200G factor
  • Precoated panels
  • High-quality stainless steel drum with ozone-resistant Viton gasket seal
  • Large-diameter loading door and 200º opening angle
  • Easy to clean 4-compartment dispenser box
  • Separate signals for connection to external dispenser systems
  • Ergonomic design to make the operator’s work easier
  • Easy access to all components to speed up maintenance tasks
  • Large-diameter drain to avoid obstruction by solid particles


  • Stainless steel covers
  • Girbau communications board 


  • 25 configurable programs.
  • Up to 11 phases per program.
  • 6 water levels that can be selected.
  • Connection to an external dosing system.
  • Adjustable length of dosing signal.
  • Simultaneous dosing of two products.
  • Failure check and alarm messages.Test program.
  • Just in Load proportional water and detergent consumption depending on the load.
  • Rinse Hold crease-guard mode stop.
  • Starting-up at the desired time.
  • Gradual cool down.
  • Consulting the operation parameters of the running program

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