Conveyor belt with two sheet separation clamps.
By-pass without separation under the picker.
PLC with control screen.
Lifting hooks.
Maximum effective lifting height 2,700 mm
Voltage 3x400V, 50Hz
Voltage control 24V.
Safety features


Sheet separator and stretcher Picker

The sheet separator can be loaded by a bag rail system, manually or by conveyor belt.

As standard, the machine includes a conveyor belt to carry the batch of linen to under the two gripping heads, and a bypass conveyor if necessary.

The two gripping heads have adjustable pressure and are driven by an inverter control system able to run gripping cycles at a rate of about 1,000 cycles per hour.

The lifting height of items is over 2,700 mm, which means not only that the sheets are separated but that tangling is reduced, making them easier to pick up individually for feeding into the ironing line.

The PLC control system is fitted with 1 standalone display touch screen that is programmed for the machine to start up as soon as the load of linen reaches the picker.

Total height of the machine 3,940 mm, noise level <75dB.

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