63,5kg (1/20)
50kg (1/25)
Heating: Gas, Steam & Hot oil
Drum volume: 1270 l


LEADER IN EFFICIENCY Girbau dryer ST1302 has been designed for a complete drying and conditioning of linen and textile products; it is appropriated to process cakes from the batch washer system and also for OPL by adding the air suction loading system.

  • Efficiency.  A consumption of only 1 kWh per litre evaporated makes it a market leader in terms of efficiency and ensures that the dryer is more environmentally friendly.
  • Fast. Capable of completing the drying cycle in less than 15minutes.
  • Performance. The new Axial flow system (patented by Girbau) ensures that 100% of the hot air passes through the linen, providing an extraordinary level of performance. In addition, the absence of holes in the drum ensures special care and a longer life for the linen.
  • Spirotilt. Spirotilt is a system patented by Girbau.  It increases energy savings by allowing the linen to be unloaded without needing to employ the turbine.
  • Ecoflow. Recirculating the air flow reduces energy consumption.
  • Optimising space. Maintenance is carried through the front and back of the units, allowing the machines to be installed without leaving a space between them.
  • The self-cleaning filter, which is a standard fitting on the ST1302, ensures high productivity at all times.
  • The BMT advanced control software allows precise control of all the drying cycle settings.
  • The infrared sensor, together with other temperature sensors distributed in the dryer, makes it possible to optimise the drying cycles, reduce consumption and have a delicate and precise care of the linen.
  • The Suction Loading System offers a simple manual loading option that is easy and ergonomic,  in just over 30 seconds.

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