Step Loading Conveyor ICP
Step Loading Conveyor ICP

An inclined conveyor with 3 or 4 compartments of 50kg each allows the batch washer to be loaded.


Inclined Conveyor

  •  Optimises the loading process. The compartments allow 3 or 4 loads of 50 kg each to be ready at all times.
  •  Automatic weighing ensures the best possible use of the wash cycle and an effective washing process, since it feeds in the optimum load for a good washing action.
  •  Ergonomic for operators, who are able to feed the load in at an optimum working height.
  •  Its great durability ensures a return on your investment.
  • Metallic structure leaned on the floor
  • Automatic weighing on the loading station
  • Traffic light with colours code
  • Terminal to display the weight
  • Touchscreen terminal to insert the loading codes