Capacity 44kg (1/9)
40kg (1/10)
Inteli control
TILT option system 
Electric, hot water and steam heating

Diam. of drum 900 mm
Volume of drum 395 dm3
Dimensions 1794x1390x1455mm




The key factors to your business: 

  • High speed industrial spin washing machines (up to 1,000 rpm).
  • 100% free standing (no need for any kind of anchoring).
  • A quality washing process optimising water, energy and chemical products.
  • A saving in the drying process due to its spin factor of over 350-400 G.
  • Wide-ranging possibilities with an easy and intuitive programming.
  • Reduced maintenance.
  • High capacity washers incorporate as an option:
    • TILT system designed to facilitate the washer’s loading and unloading operations.
    • "Easy Load" system to aid the loading and unloading of machines can be added.
Inteli Control :
  • 99 configurable programs. 20 standard + 79 free.
  • Unlimited number of phases.
  • 6 water levels can be selected.
  • Connection to an external dosing system.
  • Adjustable length of dosing signal
  • Simultaneous dosing of four products.
  • Failure check and alarm messages. Test program.
  • Option of manually adjusting parameters during washing.
  • Smart Load. Automatic load detection and proportional consumption of water and/or detergent.
  • Programmable gradual heating and cooling.
  • Rinse Hold crease-guard mode stop.
  • Start-up at the desired time.
  • Individual total cycle and program counter.
  • Programmable wash parameters.
  • Wash speed.
  • Spin speed.
  • Spin time in seconds or minutes.
  • 5 levels of adjustable mechanical action.
  • Memory card.
  • IMTX

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