The large quantity of towels and gowns that are used in hairdressers daily require a wash and dry practically every day. Domestic washer extractors and dryers are not able to cope with the workload, due to lack of capacity, resistance and durability. In a small space, a hairdresser can launder towels in an easy and efficient way. Take advantage of having a small Girbau laundry system kit in your hairdresser:

• Save time. Thanks to the greater capacity of industrial laundry machines and their shorter washing and drying cycles, the linen of the establishment is clean and ready, for use very quickly.
• Regulated water, energy and washing products consumption. The Girbau washing machines are also water extractors and submit the clothes to a very effective water extraction, facilitating the task of drying. The less residual moisture there is, the less drying time is needed, with the consequent energy savings.
• Optimize the programming possibilities. The software of our washer extractors allows specific programming for adapting the washing programs to meet the needs of every hairdresser.
• Installing the machinery is quick and easy. No bolting down required.
• The laundry machines can be installed in a small space.
• Clothes never leave the hairdressers, avoiding deliveries and losses of linen.

Consult GIRBAU and the sales engineering staff. They will carry out a project custom-made to your needs.

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