An open window on your linen
The new FRB folder from Girbau gives the machine increased visibility to aid maintenance and monitoring of folding operations
An open window on your linen

The launch of Girbau's new FRB folder at Texcare was a success, with 2 machines already sold. The FRB is further proof of Girbau's commitment to improving all factors affecting the laundry business.

Design and visibility are the defining traits of the new feeder. Its large window lets the operator see the linen at all times and aids maintenance work thanks to its ease of access and high visibility.

It works with 1, 2 and 4 folding lanes and is ideal for bed and table linen as well as small items. It can make 2 primary folds (as standard) and 1 optional one, or else 2 or 3 cross folds (only available when working with a single lane).

The FRB's front movable table makes it easy to work with large items. The anti-static bar and the use of ionised air reduce the static charge, while the built-in small item receiver for use with 4 lanes can optionally be supplemented with an item counter with a digital screen.

At Texcare Girbau launched various promotions on purchases of FRB folders, and these will run throughout the year. The goal: to make the most accessible folders on the market even more accessible!

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