Easy Load, the most economical option for aiding washing machine loading and unloading
Girbau has developed a system to aid the processes of loading and unloading large capacity static washing machines
Easy Load, the most economical option for aiding washing machine loading and unloading

This is the “Easy Load” system, which can be applied in models HS-6057 (57kg) and HS-6110 (110kg) of Girbau’s Series 6 washers.

The system is designed to aid in loading and unloading the machine, especially in large capacity washers which require greater physical effort.

At present, high-capacity washing machines can be either static or tilting - options available in our machines from the factory. While the tilting systems are effective and of great help in loading and unloading operations, they are expensive mechanisms that add to the cost of the machine. Some customers have therefore rejected the tilt option for price reasons and have been left without a system to aid loading and unloading.

Easy Load - an economical solution”

LOAD:  Water enters and the drum turns with the door closed.

The machine is loaded until the drum is completely full, and the Easy Load function is then activated. The door is closed, the water enters by the selected inlet, and the drum rotates until the linen is compacted. There will then be enough space to reload the machine up to the nominal load.

The water used in the compacting process is reused in the pre-wash phase with no waste.



The unloading of a high capacity washing machine also entails difficulties because the force applied during the spinning process leaves the load compacted around the inside of the drum.

With Easy Load, the operator simply helps to loosen the load by pulling a point of the load toward the centre of the drum, thereby allowing the turns of the drum to shake the linen free with ease. During unloading, the operator simply needs to make sure that the linen is untangled and loaded onto the trolley.  This process can be repeated as many times as required.

This unloading system is a great help for the next process in the laundry, since all the articles are loose and ready to be fed into the flatwork ironer.

A safe system

The Easy Load system complies with all the required laundry safety regulations. In addition, activating Easy Load requires performing two commands at the same time, thus ensuring that operators have their hands occupied on the control button panel, thus preventing them from being inside the drum while it is spinning to compact the load.

Easy Load extends Girbau’s range of high capacity washing machines. Customers can choose from the STAT model, the EASY LOAD model (without the tilting system but with the loading aid system) and the TILT model (with the tilting system).

 Girbau has once again succeeded in responding to a market demand.                                              

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