Girbau appoints a new general manager
The new director, who does not belong to the Girbau family, brings the generation change to a close
Girbau appoints a new general manager

For the first time in its history, Girbau has just appointed a General Manager who does not belong to the Girbau family. His name is Guillem Clofent, and he will replace Mercè Girbau and Pere Girbau in the general management position they have shared for the past 8 years.

Guillem Clofent, 43, is an engineer and has a master’s degree in Business Management and Innovation. Until now, he has been executive director of the Austrian group TGW with more than 3,200 employees, devoted to the automation of storage systems and with a turnover of 480M EUR. Clofent previously held General Manager and CEO posts in companies such as Serra Soldadura, Mecalux, and Germans Boada.

Pere Girbau and Mercè Girbau will continue to hold their positions of CEOs, focusing on new technologies and innovation, and strategy and control respectively.

The change "brings to a close the reinforcement of the company’s different teams which we have implemented over the last years, in this case, the management of the group. We have completed the generation change, we have overcome the crisis and now we have to prepare ourselves for a new period of growth," insists Mercè Girbau.

For his part, Pere Girbau highlights the fact that "the Girbau family continues to be equally involved with the project, but we are convinced that Guillem will be a key to enhancing the growth of the group. His extensive experience in the international industrial sector is a great asset."

The new General Manager of Girbau insists that "it is highly stimulating to be able to lead a company like Girbau and contribute to its industrial and international development ".

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