Girbau Group and the UPC create a business chair for developing laundry technology
Research, innovation, knowledge transfer and training in sustainable technology linked to industrial laundering are the main focuses
Girbau Group and the UPC create a business chair for developing laundry technology

February 13th 2012 marks the creation of the GIRBAU Group Chair at the UPC. The chair is concerned with laundry research and innovation in technology, and follows an agreement signed by the principal of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. BarcelonaTech (UPC), Antoni Giró Roca, and the president of the Girbau Group, Pere Girbau Pous.


This new business chair consolidates the collaboration between the Girbau Group and the UPC in R&D activities and the transfer of research results related to laundering, especially by way of the UPC’s Centre for Industrial Equipment Design (Centre de Disseny d’Equips Industrials - CDEI). The new chair will be based in the CDEI, which is a centre for technological innovation specialising in machine engineering, and will be run by Carles Riba Romeva, the centre’s director.

The UPC’s Girbau Group Chair will promote research projects in technology applied to capital goods, especially that related to innovation and product development processes in the field of industrial laundry. In these areas priority will be given to protecting the environment and promoting sustainable technology. The joint research projects are designed to be applied directly or indirectly to international markets, in order to provide value for the laundry industry. Research activities include the promotion of doctoral theses.

The new chair will also encourage the transfer of knowledge about research results; giving them value by means of patents or the direct application of results to the market, and disseminating them in publications, websites and/or technical dissemination sessions. In addition, the activities of the chair will allow the Girbau Group to detect talent among the UPC’s students and encourage these to consider joining the company.

In terms of training, the Girbau Group will collaborate with the UPC by participating in various programmes run by the University (including postgraduate courses, optional subjects and supplementary activities for undergraduate and master courses), with the collaboration also focusing on the company’s training plans. The hope is that the Chair will be able to promote pre-doctoral and postdoctoral grants, together with educational cooperation agreements and awards for end of study projects.

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