Girbau Group continues its expansion with a subsidiary in Australia
The group has acquired Advance Commercial Laundry Equipment, a leader on the country’s east coast
Girbau Group continues its expansion with a subsidiary in Australia

The Girbau Group, a manufacturer of industrial laundry equipment, has acquired the company Advance Commercial Laundry Equipment; making the firm its subsidiary in Australia. The company, founded in 1978, has distributed Girbau products in Australia since 1984, especially in the hotel and helthcare centre sectors.

Santi Carol, the Group’s export vice-president, is confident that "in the next four years we hope to double current sales. The goal is to become the market leader for the industrial laundry sector throughout the country, especially in hotels, hospitals, healthcare and the mining industry. Our aim is also to consolidate the Girbau brand in the country".

With Girbau Australia, the group now has thirteen subsidiaries operating around the world. Over the last two years Girbau has implemented its international expansion plan with the introduction of more subsidiaries, convinced that being geographically and culturally close to the client is the most effective way to consolidate the brand as a world leader in industrial laundry equipment. The policy of opening subsidiaries, along with the extensive network of Girbau dealers around the world, allows the group to address expansion from a standpoint of closeness.

Advance was founded in 1978 as a company selling equipment for the automotive industry, hairdressers, veterinary clinics and small motels. In 1980 it began distributing Electrolux products, and continued to do so until 1984, when Steve Swann, now the firm’s CEO, took charge and switched to Girbau products.

As Swann insists "for over 27 years we have demonstrated the value of the Girbau brand to our clients through the quality of its products, after-sales service and ongoing support for their businesses."

Steve Swann will continue to lead the subsidiary’s general management, and the entire Advance team will continue working in the new subsidiary.

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