Girbau presents a new range of feeders
The aim of the new models is to cut laundry costs and increase productivity, while increasing operator safety and reducing the cost of maintenance
Girbau presents a new range of feeders

DRBS, the most compact solution for automatic feeding

DRBS is the ideal feeder for laundries that need to process different types and sizes of item in 1 or 2 lanes automatically, or in 4 lanes manually.

It is one of the most compact feeders with the smallest footprint on the market. Its size and design make it easier to install in any laundry.

The clamps at the loading station have been completely overhauled; they are now in a horizontal position, which improves ergonomics for operators. They can also hold heavier items, like duvets.

This feeder has a safety guard on the loading station, making it one of the safest on the market and reducing the risk of injury to operators.

Another novelty is the addition of a pressure roller in the suction box, which improves the quality of the feed for all kinds of fabrics, whether synthetic, heavy, thick or whatever.

More information about DRBS


Manual feed (DRM+ & DR1+): simplicity and efficiency with a single operator

These models are designed for laundries that require simple, efficient feeding with minimum maintenance.

Ideal for items of all sizes in 1, 2 or 4 lanes. The DR1+ version, with feed clamps, enables a single person to load large items, cutting costs in half 50% compared to other feeders that require two operators.

The new suction system allows: greater and better securing of items, reduced noise for enhanced operator comfort, longer cleaning intervals (from daily to weekly) and higher productivity.

The increased power of the system means the operator can deposit the item quickly, without needing to adjust it, so increasing output.

Both models are easy to move and transport, as they have wheels to make movement easier and save on maintenance costs.

The right feeder for every laundry! Automated feeding achieves its full potential efficiency when it meets the needs of each laundry.

More information about DRM+ and DR1+

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