Girbau presents the new ED900 dryer
With 45 kg of capacity, the ED900 is extremely efficient and productive, with 19-minute drying cycles
Girbau presents the new ED900 dryer

Girbau presents at Expodetergo in Milan, the new E900 dryer with a 45-kg capacity to complete the ED Series range.

The ED900 can be defined as a fast, efficient dryer. It can run drying cycles lasting just 19 minutes (ISO9398-2) with a power consumption of 1.18 kwh/l (gas version).

Like all the models in the ED Series, it features the latest Transflow technologies, including radial and axial air flow.

- Spirotilt: makes unloading easier.
- Ecoflow (gas): air recirculation system for maximum efficiency.
- Airflow modulation: an inverter system adapts the air flow to the needs of different loads.
- Infrared: load temperature level detection to optimise drying cycles.
- Automatic cleaning of the filter

The ED900 is available with a full range of heating systems: gas, steam and thermal oil. 

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