Girbau's ecodesign linked to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Girbau features as a highlighted case in the special on CSR in La Vanguardia
Girbau's ecodesign linked to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The energy efficiency of Girbau’s laundry machinery has featured prominently in a report on corporate social responsibility (CSR) published on October 13th in La Vanguardia. The report stresses Girbau’s commitment to eco-innovation, a concept that refers to the innovative processes that reduce the impact humans have on the environment.

The article highlights Girbau’s Ecodryer range of dryers, a range which increases energy efficiency by 15% compared to other alternatives present on the market, and that is a good example of the company’s process of eco-innovation, which has reduced the water consumption of its machinery by 59% in 15 years, and up to 23% of the time taken by the processes.

On its website Girbau includes a section on its environmental policy and an Environmental declaration with respect to it.

Further information in the report in La Vanguardia.