Girbau teams up with Ideal to launch CLEAN SURF, a cleaner, safer and cooler way to clean
A brilliant collaboration that will benefit eco-responsible on-premise laundry or professional textile care operation
Girbau teams up with Ideal to launch CLEAN SURF, a cleaner, safer and cooler way to clean

Girbau, the world leader in total professional laundry solutions, is teaming up with Ideal, an independent family-run British company that formulates professional laundry and biodegradable wet clean detergents, to launch a new turnkey Wet Cleaning system for OPLS and professional textile care operations. Named CLEAN SURF, this innovative, modern and relevant solution comes with everything you need to carefully clean clothes in water, including Girbau’s state-of-the-art machinery and Ideal’s biodegradable detergents and stain removal expertise!

This new system sprang from the combination of Girbau’s 60 years of experience as the world leader in manufacturing laundry machinery and Ideal’s know-how in eco-responsible detergent manufacture.

CLEAN SURF has many ways of adapting to the needs of professional textile care businesses. It comes with complete Wet Cleaning training for folks just getting started on their adventure into responsible textile care, and experienced cleaners interested in washing with water and biodegradable detergents without the use of toxic components like perchloroethylene!

In the words of Mercè Girbau, CEO of the company, “This agreement reaffirms our steadfast push for Wet Cleaning and bringing value to our clients’ businesses. To achieve this, Ideal and Girbau have teamed up to offer the UK market a unique, comprehensive solution that facilitates and helps businesses implement the wet cleaning method which brings many advantages in terms of the environment, health and economic and energy savings.”


CLEAN SURF stands out for its brilliant results by guaranteeing effective laundering and keeping the colours of delicate, vintage or soiled garments bright. All of this is thanks to the mild treatment at carefully controlled ambient temperature in the washing, drying and finishing processes!

As a world leader in manufacturing laundry machinery, Girbau offers the most innovative Wet Cleaning solutions. For this process, the company has developed the HS SERIES line of washing machines, characterised by their versatility, efficiency and profitability. This line comes equipped with the Inteli Control system, which has a range of customizable programmes to adjust the cycles according to needs, along with the possibility of managing the entire process. For the drying phase, Girbau provides its advanced D SERIES dryers, which also have a smart control panel to easily programme the cycles in a personalised fashion.

IDEAL have designed a set of biodegradable detergents to ensure textiles look visibly clean and smell super fresh, using a blend of non-toxic eco-responsible surfactants for brilliant soil removal at ambient temperatures. The CLEAN SURF wet clean range consists of three products; AHOY SPOT, AHOY WASH & AHOY FINISH along with a final rinse sanitiser; AHOY CLEAN and specialist leather and suede cleaning products; HOWDY FAST & HOWDY SALVE.


The Wet Cleaning system is the ecological and environmentally sustainable alternative to dry cleaning, since it replaces the use of chemical solvents with water and biodegradable detergents. Furthermore, the short duration of the washing and drying programmes means that Wet Cleaning machines consume considerably less water and energy.

With Wet Cleaning, Girbau has calculated that the initial investment and costs of the washing process may be halved. Furthermore, with this system the variety of compatible garments is up to 5 times higher than in drying cleaning processes, encompassing 97% of fabrics. The effectiveness of Wet Cleaning, a solution designed particularly to treat delicate and heavily soiled garments, is amply proven thanks to its cleaning results: brighter colours, fresher fabrics and more pleasant odours.

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