We are supporting Hospital Clinic Barcelona in the fight against Covid-19
We are supporting Hospital Clinic Barcelona in the fight against Covid-19

With the current circumstances, washing and disinfecting textiles is a crucial link in the healthcare chain, helping contain the spread of Covid-19. So, at Girbau we want to stand with those fighting this pandemic every day on the front lines.    

From last Friday, Hospital Clinic Barcelona now has a portable laundry centre -Mobile Laundry Mini- on loan from Girbau to help with cleaning and disinfecting its fabric items. The machinery can wash and disinfect up to 720 kilograms of clothing a day for medical staff at the hospital, as well as testing how some materials behave when washed.

This loan was made possible thanks to Girbau’s regular collaborators, which made themselves available to the company altruistically to carry out this act of solidarity. Transgranollers contributed by transporting the mobile laundry set-up from Vic to Hospital Clinic Barcelona. The machine was set up by Routixe, a company that also sent a technician to help with assembly of the machinery at the hospital. Nordlogway sent the jugs of chemical products the machines use. Plus, Repsol has loaned and set up four propane gas tanks and Jordi Curós contributed by certifying the gas installations required for the laundry set-up to work.

 Furthermore, at Girbau we also provided training for the hospital’s laundry staff, teaching them how to use the Mobile Laundry Mini machinery.

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