Wet Cleaning

Wet Cleaning - the green alternative to perchloroethylene

The water washing or Wet Cleaning system is the alternative for dry cleaners faced with the growing pressure from environmental regulations and the need for extreme versatility and flexibility in their business in order to generate added value.

Girbau has a complete range of Wet Cleaning Ready equipment.

HS washers can perform processes ranging from energetic ones for heavily soiled linen to extremely delicate processes for washing fabrics such as wool or leather, with a reduced consumption of water, chemicals and energy.

ED dryers make it possible to dry delicate items thanks to their Care Touch Drum, which employs a system of holes that are pressed in rather than drilled, thereby preventing the linen from coming into contact with sharp edges or welds.

Dryers prepared for Wet Cleaning, with spin reversal and with the Speed Control function that regulates the speed of the drum. In automatic mode the spin speed varies depending on the degree of moisture in the linen. This can also be activated and modified in manual mode while the drying is taking place.

Lastly, we offer specific finishing equipment for the reconstitution process and ironing. Girbau’s finishing machines for Wet Cleaning not only aid the process, but will also increase the profitability of the business. The processes are efficient and do not require specialist operators.

It is now possible to dispense with perchlorethylene, and make your business sustainable, allowing customers to appreciate your values of corporate social responsibility and your concern for the environment.

Go green with Girbau Wet Cleaning

For additional information, download brochure:

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