New laundry for the hospitality industry: win by optimising your processes

Industrial laundries are designed to work intensively for years, also taking into account water, detergent and energy consumption, spin power and other factors that contribute to efficiency, an essential feature that is critical in machines of this type. For this reason, in the last few posts we have discussed and defined the different technical aspects and features that industrial washing machines need in order to be good and fulfil their function. However, there is another aspect we should consider, and which we will be discussing in forthcoming articles, which is the classification of professional washing machines by industries. A washing machine for a vended laundry is not the same as one for a hospital, hotel or restaurant laundry, so each of them must be designed to meet the needs of every sector.

Hotels and hospitality

Today's article will focus on the hospitality industry to discuss and find out a little more about what industrial washing machines must be like in this sector, as impeccable towels, sheets, bedspreads and uniforms make all the difference to quality in a hotel or restaurant. The work done in the laundry, sometimes so distant from guests, has a direct impact on the guests' impression of their stay at the establishment, so many businesses in this sector have their own laundry, to control and guarantee the quality of cleaning and disinfection of fabrics.

So, in this industry, restaurants and hoteliers are looking for versatile, long-lasting machines that must of course deliver a top-quality wash while at the same time caring for the different types of fabrics, throughout the washing process, so that they will keep their texture, colour and smell. All this taking into account efficiency and sustainability, concepts that are very closely linked. In this respect, Girbau supplies a wash system specifically for hotels, which can give up to 40% savings. This solution is flexible and adapts to the volume of throughput in each establishment to ensure maximum profitability.

Another aspect very highly rated by hoteliers when choosing machines is their connectivity features thanks to solutions that allow the laundry to be controlled remotely, like Sapphire, the Girbau smart remote control software for laundry management, that delivers a massive improvement in the way a laundry is run, and cuts down time and costs.

Finally, because of the pandemic, disinfection has taken on special importance to ensure people's safety and health, even more so in hotels, restaurants and other leisure establishments. It should also be borne in mind that industrial washing machines for the hospitality industry can have tools to guarantee hygiene and disinfection in laundries, like the Disinfection Monitoring Package (DMP), the pioneering solution from Girbau designed specifically to respond to the covid-19 scenario and to viruses and bacteria of all kinds.

One of the principles in achieving a better world is respecting it, and this is why savings and sustainability play a fundamental role, both to protect this better world and to save money and ensure the viability of any business. This is why at Girbau we work and have always worked according to this leitmotiv, to build washing machines that use less natural and energy resources, pollute less and have lower CO2 emissions. For this reason the new Girbau Genius range of washing machines are designed to be perfectly suited to the hospitality industry, taking into account each and every one of the sector's needs and challenges and always placing sustainability and energy saving centre stage through the latest novelties and solutions in this field.