The latest technology applied to vended laundry

Continuing with our classification, to see which machines are the best for each type of business, today we're going to focus on the self-service sector, also known as vended. Opening a vended laundry requires a moderate initial investment compared with other businesses, and lets you make a return on this investment in a relatively short time. For these reasons, according to the Franchises in Spain 2018 report drawn up by AEF, the Spanish franchisers' association, turnover in businesses of this kind has risen by 76% in the three years up to 2019, and a 73% increase is expected in the next five years.

Therefore, the vended laundry business has become an excellent option for entrepreneurs looking for a profitable business.  But what do you need to offer the users of a vended laundry? A quick, convenient wash in an efficient, profitable way is essential to a good service, so that users will go away satisfied with your laundry.

To do this calls for good machinery that combines top-class technical and performance features to make sure it works well with maximum convenience for users.

This means the ideal washing machines for establishments of this kind must be characterised by high energy efficiency in order to offer top performance with minimum water and energy consumption. Reliability, robustness and safety also play a very important part in washing machines of this kind, as they avoid unforeseen shutdowns and incidents, and therefore reduce down time and allow the establishment to offer a reliable service without interruptions while requiring hardly any maintenance.

Another very important aspect, in this case for the entrepreneur, is what is known as the IoT. In vended laundries, having smart tools to allow monitoring of output, turnover and wash cycles, as well as remote maintenance and so on, allows the entrepreneur to maximise the profitability of their business, often without even having to be there.

The efficiency of machinery, including simple, intuitive programming, short cycles, low detergent consumption and excellent, professional finishes are other factors that ensure customer satisfaction and allow the business to work as well as possible.

The new Girbau Genius range of washing machines has all the features and functions it needs to fit into the vended sector, providing an effective response to entrepreneurs looking for the best machines for their business, while minimising energy consumption and ensuring the highest standards of sustainability, efficiency and effectiveness.