Girbau installs two Mobile Laundries in the Intermarché group's supermarkets in Portugal

As part of its commitment to continue expanding and growing, Girbau has installed two Mobile Laundries in the supermarkets of the Intermarché group in Torres Novas and Estremoz. For Girbau Portugal, these two installations are very significant, considering the great potential for expansion in a supermarket group with 259 stores in the country.

Both containers are equipped with two HS6008 washing machines, one HS6013 washing machine and two ED340 dryers, which include electric heating thanks to a thermal accumulator for water heating.

Users compliment the facilities' performance and praise fast high-quality drying and washing.

In addition, Girbau has customized the Mobile Laundry to match the supermarket chain's corporate colors, ensuring uniformity.