Interview with Roser Zapata, Laundry Business Expert at Girbau

We spoke to Roser Zapata to find out how laundries have had to adapt to the new challenges arising from Covid-19

28 Apr 2021
2021 Apr 28

Girbau University: a new point of reference in specialist training in laundry, products, services and solutions

Girbau University is the result of our determination as a company to go on making our modest contribution to society

31 Mar 2021
2021 Mar 31

Laundry Experts: the advice our customers need

Support and personalization play a very important role and that is why, today, we would like to introduce you to our Laundry Experts.

26 Feb 2021
2021 Feb 26

How to manage proper maintenance of the machines in a commercial laundry

Proper maintenance helps to keep equipment in good condition, save time and money, and prevent possible operating problems.

18 Feb 2021
2021 Feb 18

How to run your business remotely and the importance of connectivity

At Girbau we work so that our customers can enjoy the latest innovations in connectivity and technology to boost their businesses.

28 Jan 2021
2021 Jan 28

Feasibility study: is your vended laundry model profitable?

Factors to consider in determining whether the self-service laundry business approach is profitable

27 Jan 2021
2021 Jan 27

Location: a key factor in the success of your vended laundry

The choice of location will determine much of the success of your business.

20 Jan 2021
2021 Jan 20

How to launch a vended laundry: good advice is essential.

When embarking on a project such as a self-service laundry, advice is one of the most basic aspects.

13 Jan 2021
2021 Jan 13

How to create an efficient laundry

Today, in the blog, we want to talk about how to create an efficient laundry.

12 Jan 2021
2021 Jan 12

Vended laundry: a business that won't take up too much of your time

The time commitment is less than in other types of business

06 Jan 2021
2021 Jan 06

How to choose the right commercial washing machine depending on the type of laundry

The success and, above all, the profitability of a laundry will depend on the correct choice of equipment

16 Dec 2020
2020 Dec 16

The four most common problems in industrial laundries and how to avoid them

At Girbau Laundry Tips we collect all the questions and concerns of our clients in order to respond to them all

07 Dec 2020
2020 Dec 07

How to create safe laundries to ensure optimal disinfection and washing processes

There are a range of factors and circumstances that must be considered for a washing and disinfecting process to be completed successfully

01 Dec 2020
2020 Dec 01

Disinfection as an ally in all cleaning processes

Disinfecting textiles in the cleaning process is crucial to ensure proper elimination of viruses and bacteria

24 Nov 2020
2020 Nov 24

Welcome To The Girbau Blog, Where We Share Our Know-how To Back The Professional Laundry Business

We aim to help the professional laundry market to play an active part in combating COVID-19 virus.

18 Nov 2020
2020 Nov 18

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