Our After-Sales Service helps to ensure that Girbau products and solutions work in a reliable and efficient way.

Our closeness is your peace of mind. We have an extensive network of official technical assistance services (ATS), on both a national and international level, to offer you a top quality service in the minimum possible time.

We have a Customer Centre where you will be able to contact experts in Girbau products, an onsite Support and Maintenance service because your business is our priority, and an original Spare Part Management service, ensuring the maximum reliability of all the components on offer.

We offer you all the technical documentation and information, accessible from the website, and a range of training courses, to ensure that you are always up to date with Girbau products and solutions.

Girbau Warranty Program

We not only advise you, we provide a warranty program that brings peace of mind. The robustness and durability of our equipment, proven for years, allows us to offer guarantees that cover equipment failures – ensuring your business operates without suprises.


Online access to Girbau Manuals

We provide you with online access to equipment manuals so that the steps for programming and maintenaning your equipment are easy. Always consult the updated manual of your exact machine.

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Contact us

Contact us and we will answer your questions, guiding you to choose the After Sales Service program that best meets your needs.