“Don't look for customers for your products. Find products for your customers!"

Listen First. Then Solve.

At Girbau we apply the philosophy of listening before speaking, across all of our actions and operations. In the design of solutions and products, the norm becomes a category. The solutions we offer in laundry are a direct consequence of listening to the diversity of customers and sectors that give meaning to our purpose. We listen, we identify your concerns and think about how we can really help you. Only after understanding what we have to contribute to each laundry, do we think, design and manufacture our products and solutions. We listen, solve and listen again. That’s how we move forward together.

We manufacture washing solutions with three main vectors: hygiene, quality and sustainability. We do not understand one without the other, as they work in concert, together.

Welcome to a world where quality and hygiene are achieved with the least possible consumption of water, energy, chemicals and time.