At Girbau, we specialize in laundry solutions tailored to the unique needs of each laundry client.


We understand that every laundry is unique. That’s why, at Girbau, we cater to the individual needs of each laundry – from hospitality, healthcare and self-service vended laundries, to laundries at nursing homes, athletic facilities, apartment buildings and fitness centers. On every project, we not only share our years of expertise, we work closely with our laundry clients to provide unique laundry solutions that perfectly fit their production, efficiency and labor goals.

Introduction to the Industry

We offer solutions to the laundry world tailored to any business type and always focused on the quality care of textiles. In doing so, we ensure our customers’ businesses achieve the highest level of quality, efficiency and productivity.


Hospitals, nursing homes, beauty salons, fitness gyms, sport centers, veterinary clinics, riding centers are responsible for the care of their patients. At Girbau, we take responsibility for ensuring their textiles, sheets and blankets are disinfected with every wash.

Commercial laundry

Girbau provides the world’s most comprehensive offering of laundry products and automation solutions to industrial and commercial laundries. We work closely with commercial and industrial laundries to customize solutions to meet specific labor, production, efficiency and quality goals.


Hotels, restaurants, catering services, campsites, neighborhood communities, cruise ships and airlines ... any business that needs a laundry to guarantee the comfort of their guests and customers has Girbau at their side, with efficient laundries that deliver high-quality textiles and results.


Our durable and proven vended laundry solutions ensure customers enjoy a quick and convenient wash and dry, along with the ability to customize how they want their laundry washed. Simultaneously, self-service or mobile laundry owners enjoy more profit potential thanks to superior efficiency and improved customer turnover.

Textile Care

Professional textile care providers are charged with perfectly cleaning everything from wedding gowns and designer dresses to technical uniforms and wash/dry/fold laundry. Girbau offers textile care solutions to handle everything from textile restoration work and wash/dry/fold, to technical wet cleaning solutions. 

Public and private Institutions

Police stations, military bases, correctional facilities, fire stations, kindergartens, universities and schools … There are countless public and private institutions requiring quality, cost-effective laundries that provide a quality clean and solid productivity. Every day, they look out for us. At Girbau, we take care of them!


The automotive, mining, agri-food, dairy, oil, and pharmaceutical industries often launder their own uniforms, which require careful cleaning. At Girbau, we design customized laundry solutions for each of them.

Beyond equipment: solutions

At Girbau, we do it all. We are a manufacturer of laundry machinery. We are laundry advisors. We are laundry solution facilitators. We are innovators in laundry!

Since our inception, we’ve partnered with customers to help ensure the success of their businesses. That’s why making robust, efficient and sustainable equipment is our primary objective. Our mission? To provide global, innovative, complete and sustainable laundry solutions to our customers on a local, personal level.

Success cases

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Hospital Clínico de Zaragoza (Spain)

Bringing laundry innovation together with results and efficiency. Based on the "As a service" business model, Girbau developed and implemented a comprehensive "pay-per-use" laundry model. The result: More washing capacity per shift (from 5500kg to 6300kg) with an incredible increase in energy savings.

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Self-service and dry cleaning Cleantopia (Korea)

With 2,100 shops and 111 processing plants throughout the country, Cleantopia combines dry cleaning and self-service laundry stores. The chain chose Girbau for its efficient, easy-to-use and ergonomic vended washers and dryers.

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Westin Playa Conchal Hotel by Marriot (Costa Rica)

Outfitted with Girbau equipment, the Westin’s laundry, which washes between 3,000 and 3,500 kg of linen daily, is included in the Best Practices of sustainability for which the hotel is recognized. Girbau and the Westin share the mission of a customer-focused and sustainable business.

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Why Girbau

Are you looking for laundry equipment, or a lifelong business and laundry partner? As your commercial laundry partner, Girbau offers the high standards, professionalism and efficiency solutions your business deserves. Driven by a DNA of innovation and over 60 years of laundry know-how, Girbau delivers the world’s most comprehensive offering of laundry systems and solutions, backed by after-sales support, throughout 100 countries across the globe. Girbau is your partner for everything laundry.

Easy to use

Forget about instruction manuals. Using Girbau laundry equipment is simple and intuitive. Thanks to large control screens and audio & visual signals, activating and working with Girbau machinery couldn’t be easier.

Innovation & Quality, two pillars

Innovation moves us. It is the motivation to look beyond. To do better and to offer solutions of the highest quality. At Girbau, innovation is not only about improving what already exists, but also about being able to anticipate what our community of customers will need.


"Reliability is when you have machines in the laundry running for years and years without having to worry about it." This is a real quote from one of our customers when we asked him what he meant by Girbau machinery reliability. At Girbau, reliability means reliability!

A Broad View of Sustainability

Our business vision is based on the conviction that we are an open community with a sustainable and ambitious trajectory, always adapting to be close to our customers. We innovate with one goal in mind: to make a positive impact on the planet.

Consume only what is strictly necessary

We believe productivity and sustainability should occur simultaneously. That’s why every component and function of our equipment is designed to save energy, chemicals, water and time. Through saving, we help create more profitable businesses to build a more sustainable future.

We: A single team

We are one team: Our customers, suppliers and each and every one of us at Girbau. We are at your side so that whenever you need us, you will always find someone who listens to you, understands you and provides a quick solution to whatever you may need.
Not you, not me. We!

Spare parts: what you need, when you need it

A spare part is much more than just a part. It is a solution to a problem. To ensure parts get to you quickly, we have an extensive network of subsidiaries and distributors with parts in stock. Because we want to get your machines up and running quickly, we also have an online portal that allows you to quickly purchase and order the part you need. Quick and easy. Always, close to you.