Sport Centers

At any kind of sports installation, Gyms, sports centres, golf, football and tennis clubs, etc, there is a requirement for washing.

Towels, staff clothes, restaurant linen (if there is one), the bed sheets for additional services ... The volume of laundry that is handled by sports centres increases with the increasing demand for services on behalf of clients. Having a laundromat inside the sports centre itself adds profit value.

Domestic laundry equipment once used by these sports centres has proved inadequate for managing these types of installations. Domestic washing machines and dryers aren't prepared for absorbing so much production due to lack of capacity, resistance and durability. In a small space, a sports centre can handle its clothes in a simple and efficient way. Take advantage of having a small Girbau laundry kit in your sports centre:

  • Save time. Thanks to greater capacity of industrial machines and their shorter washing and drying cycles, in a short time, the linen of the establishment is clean and ready.
  • Regulated water, energy and washing products consumption.
  • Optimizes program possibilities. The software of our washer extractors allows specific programming for adapting washing programs to the needs of each client.
  • Machine installation is quick and easy. No bolting-down required.
  • The laundry can be installed in a small space.
  • Fast repayment of your investment. A towel rental system allows repaying the installation's cost quickly.
  • The linen never leaves the sports centre, avoiding delivery and losing clothes.