We design and provide complete, sustainable and innovative laundry solutions

in the key of people

We are a community sharing a common ambition: sustainability. We strive to achieve social, environmental and economic sustainability.


At Girbau, we work closely with you to share our years of expertise, while carefully analyzing your unique laundry needs. We provide customized solutions for any laundry application – big or small – while specializing in an array of markets, including industrial, commercial and self-service laundries.


We ensure the disinfection and hygiene of textiles in hospitals, nursing homes, beauty salons, fitness gyms, sport centers, veterinary clinics, riding centers and healthcare facilities. Our laundries deliver superior productivity and efficiency, as well.

Commercial laundry

We design customized laundry solutions for commercial and industrial laundries – no matter the size, quality or production needs.


Hotels, restaurants, catering companies, campsites, neighborhood communities, cruise ships and airlines ... Businesses in the hospitality industry rely on us to provide productive and efficient laundries that operate using fewer labor hours and deliver high-quality results for the ultimate guest experience.


We not only ensure that vended laundry customers wash and dry their clothes quickly and efficiently in your laundromat or mobile laundry, we optimize the profitability of self-service laundries through technology and efficiency.

Clothing care

We have laundry solutions for dry cleaning, wet cleaning, hospitality and textile cleaning businesses.

Public and private Institutions

Police stations, military bases, correctional facilities, fire departments, kindergartens, universities, schools… We have laundry solutions for public and private institutions to achieve maximum productivity, efficiency and quality.


Automotive, mining, agri-food industry, dairy farms, oil stations, pharmaceutical industry… Girbau designs customized solutions for laundering uniforms and other items specific to a wide variety of industries.


Girbau offers the most comprehensive line of commercial, industrial and vended laundry products in the world.  With a commitment to sustainability and innovation, Girbau laundry equipment is built to withstand constant use while delivering the best in performance, production and efficiency.

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Our range of services is diverse. Our virtual technology allows you to see and walk through your future laundry; a single point person and project manager offers seamless, quick communication; we offer financing programs to suit your needs; and more …

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We are a team of more than 800 people, committed for more than 60 years to designing and providing complete, sustainable and innovative textile processing solutions within a global market.

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Global reach

In 2020, Girbau celebrated 100 years as a family business and 60 years as a premier provider of innovative laundry solutions. With innovation as our driving force, Girbau has grown and changed, but always retained the quality family values passed down from generation to generation. Today, Girbau operates 6 manufacturing plants in Spain, France and China, and has equipment installed in more than 100 countries. We are an open community focused on sustainability. We are always close to our customers, and forever adaptable.

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iDrivers: entrepreneurship with Girbau's hallmark

At Girbau we work every day to provide the necessary value to the laundry industry through innovation…

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Girbau Industrial Business Unit: specific solutions for laundries in the industrial sector

Girbau Industrial Business Unit is our new business unit focused on providing solutions for laundries in the industrial sector…

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The danger of microplastics and the importance of reducing them in cleaning processes

Laundry-associated pollution from these pollutants accounts for 35% of the primary microplastics in our oceans…

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