Environmental policy

GIRBAU, the leading manufacturer of machinery for linen and textile finish laundries on the international market, views protecting the environment as a priority and has therefore duly implemented an environmental management system in accordance with the ISO 14001 and EMAS standards, abiding by the following commitments:

  • To comply with applicable environmental legislation and other voluntary commitments.
  • To protect the environment and prevent pollution by making rational use of resources and managing the waste and atmospheric emissions it generates in an appropriate way.
  • To use the best techniques available in the design of our products, seeking to minimise the risk of environmental impact in all activities in the machine's life cycle.
  • To adapt environmental management to our context by implementing the processes necessary to assure constant improvement in our environmental behaviour.
  • To train, sensitise and involve the whole GIRBAU workforce to ensure they pursue and apply good environmental practices.
  • To assess, on an ongoing basis, any possible effects our products and procedure might have on health and the environment.
  • To work together with our suppliers of both products and services, to improve their procedures in environmental terms.
  • To inform all interested parties of the risks our machines and facilities could involve for health and the environment, as well as the protection and environmental efficiency measures adopted for their use, maintenance, handling and disposal at the end of their useful life.
  • To establish ongoing communication with all employees and interested parties, publicising these principles and commitments and at all times fostering environmental management as a participative task at all levels.


All these commitments make up the frame of reference for establishing environmental goals which will be aligned with the organisation's strategy and context.

Pere Girbau


Environmental statement

Girbau has written an Environment Statement which includes extensive information about all the environmental aspects of the production centres it has in Vic (Barcelona).
The objective of the statement is to facilitate environmental information to the public. The statement therefore includes both the policy and the eco-management system of the company, and also different aspects related to the consumption of natural resources, generation of residues, noise emission, atmospheric emissions, etc.
The Environmental Statement of Girbau will be updated annually.

(Original version signed in Catalan)