Beauty Saloons

The great quantity of towels, pillow-cases, robes, sheets for the couches, etc. used in any body care center, is a considerable amount of laundry which requires washing and drying on a daily basis.

In addition, at times some of the products used in body treatments leave stains on the fabrics which require a vigorous and effective wash which domestic washers are unable to offer. In a small space, a body care center can handle its clothes in a simple and efficient way. Take advantage of having a small Girbau laundry kit in your center:

  • Save time. Thanks to greater capacity of industrial washing machines and their shorter washing and drying cycles, in a short time, the linen of the establishment is clean and ready.
  • Regulated water, energy and washing products consumption. Girbau washing machines are also water extractors and submit the clothes to a very effective water extraction facilitating the task of drying. The less residual moisture there is, the less drying time is needed, with the consequent energy savings.
  • Optimizes program possibilities. The software of our washer extractors allows specific programming for adapting washing programs to the needs of each center.
  • Machine installation is quick and easy. No bolting-down required.
  • The laundry can be installed in a small space.
  • The linen never leaves the center, avoiding delivery and losing clothes.