In-house hotel laundry for excellent service

Optimize your services by internalizing your hotel laundry services

Nowadays, many hotels are still hesitant about the possibility of internalizing their laundry services due to the lack of knowledge of the sector and a false fear of higher costs, of having some kind of problem, or simply because of the lack of space. However, having an in-house laundry in the hotel's facilities can only bring enormous benefits, both for the establishment and its guests. So why not rely on your own management instead of outsourcing the process?

An in-house laundry gives you greater control over all the factors that influence and are related to this laundry service; the inventory and its availability become under the responsibility and control of the hotel itself, which avoids problems of losses or insufficient resources.

By opting for an internal laundry, it is also possible to avoid the waiting times required by external deliveries and the service has much more sustainable and environmentally friendly processes, saving the pollution generated by transportation. In addition, thanks to this internalization, it is possible to customize the laundry, choosing special programs and ad-hoc products for the needs of each hotel.


Fast return on investment and reduced laundry costs with maximum quality

Savings, total control of costs and no unexpected expenses; these are some of the main benefits that an in-house laundry brings to your hotel. It is an initial investment that is recovered quickly thanks to its great cost savings.

In addition, the in-house laundry allows the optimization of the laundry processes in accordance with the hotel's own workflows and work processes, making the most of and getting profitability even from those spaces that were being underutilized.

The main objective of the services of any hotel or hotel chain is to offer its guests maximum peace of mind and comfort, which is directly related to the quality of laundry and linen care in a hotel. Several studies affirm that the quality and care of all linen and towels in a hotel is one of the determining factors for a guest to always want to return to enjoy its facilities.

The internalization of the laundry means that the total control of the processes is in the hotel's own hands and, therefore, excellent quality standards are ensured.


In-house towel laundry, the best option for your hotel

To begin the process of in-house laundry, a good option is to start with a laundry service dedicated to the cleaning and care of towels. These in-house laundries, adapted and efficient, do not require large investments and have lower operating costs than outsourcing the service.

With good, robust, reliable, and efficient equipment, such as Girbau's laundry solutions, the return on investment is 12-18 months, with substantial savings in operational costs.

This, the results obtained by first internalizing towel laundering are excellent. Our experience tells us that the internalization of laundry services significantly improves the quality of towels and with it, the happiness and comfort of hotel guests.

Another positive aspect to consider is the simplicity of this type of towel laundry; it does not require professionalization on the part of the operators, nor does it require ironing or washing processes that are too complicated. This service brings great peace of mind to the hotel itself, as it ensures that all towels are always available, just in time, for its guests.

In addition, the internalization of the laundry processes allows the traceability of the garments. The total control of the location, situation, and quality of the towels, provides the hotel with great security and excellent service.

At Girbau, we have been leaders in the hotel laundry sector for more than 60 years and we will be delighted to help you find the perfect laundry solution for your hotel. Higher quality, lower costs. Contact us!

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