GIRBAU presents Sapphire Laundry Pay, the perfect application to build user loyalty.

For your self-service laundry to be a successful business, it is necessary to have efficient, quality and easy-to-use laundry solutions.


However, this is not enough to make a laundry a profitable and lasting investment; in addition to customer acquisition, it is essential to build customer loyalty, making them want to repeat their laundry activities in your facilities.



How to build customer loyalty in your self-service laundry?


All laundry users are looking to achieve the best laundry results in a quick and easy way, without wasting a lot of time or effort. Meeting this need is possible thanks to Girbau's new Sapphire Laundry Pay App.


This free app, available for iOS and Android (, allows laundry users to pay, set up and track their wash cycles from their own mobiles, with no cash or complex payment processes.


Another added advantage is that the users of the laundry don't need to wait in front of the machines or inside the facilities to control or modify each wash; they will receive personalized alerts that will let them know when the cycle is finished and/or if there has been any incident or change in the cycle.


In addition, Sapphire Laundry Pay App offers even more advantages focused on the creation of loyalty campaigns for your customers. Thanks to this app, it is possible to create a communication channel between owner and customers, through which you can interact with the prices offered to users instantly and easily, assign unique discounts to specific customers, or also offer special offers or discounts per day or per machine.


 Sapphire payment App 2b


Other advantages of Sapphire Laundry Pay App


Another possibility offered by this new application that makes it the perfect solution for your self-service laundry is to know who your customers are. Sapphire Laundry Pay App will be able to generate a database with all the relevant information of the contacts that use the App to pay in your laundry; from the main contact details to the tracking of their actions, including the number of transactions, most frequent days, number of times...


In addition, the application has the option to be customized by the owner of each laundry, being able to edit the aesthetics with the corporate colors of the business and also with its logo.


In this way, Sapphire Laundry Pay App becomes the ideal software to build customer loyalty in your self-service laundry. The user experience will be improved and the possibilities for creating loyalty campaigns are huge.


It is a native application created 100% by Girbau and can be integrated exclusively with the brand's own machines. If you want to know more information about it or have any questions, please don't doubt to contact us, we will be happy to help you.


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