Transforming industrial laundry operations

In the bustling world of industrial laundries, efficiency, safety, and performance are crucial for success. Girbau, a global leader in professional laundry solutions, is at the forefront of this transformation with innovative technologies designed to revolutionize the industry.


The importance of automation in industrial laundries

Industrial laundries face a variety of challenges, from managing large volumes of soiled linen to ensuring the safety and well-being of their operators. Traditional manual processes often pose risks, with operators encountering hazardous items like syringes or sharp objects hidden within garments. Moreover, the demand for higher efficiency and productivity puts additional pressure on laundry businesses to streamline their operations.


Enhancing safety and efficiency with Sortech

Enter automation – the key to overcoming these challenges and unlocking new opportunities for industrial laundries. Girbau's commitment to innovation shines through in solutions like Sortech, which automates the separation and sorting of soiled linen with a focus on operator safety and well-being. By minimizing direct contact with hazardous items and reducing the risk of classification errors, Sortech enhances safety protocols while allowing operators to focus on tasks that add value to their operations.


Driving performance and growth

However, the benefits of automation extend beyond safety alone. By embracing cutting-edge technology, industrial laundries can significantly improve their efficiency and overall performance. Automated systems like Sortech optimize workflow processes, leading to faster turnaround times and increased productivity. This not only improves the bottom line but also positions laundry businesses for long-term growth and success in a competitive market.


A holistic approach to industrial laundry equipment

Girbau understands that success in the industrial laundry industry requires more than just innovative products – it demands a holistic approach that addresses the unique challenges and opportunities faced by each laundry facility. That's why Girbau offers a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to the specific needs of industrial laundries, from heavy-duty washers, tunnel washers, and ironing systems to advanced automation systems.


Positioning Girbau for success

As industrial laundries grow in the ever-changing landscape of their operations, Girbau emerges as the ideal partner. With an innovative range of equipment, sustainability solutions, and a transversal portfolio that encompasses every aspect of laundry operations, Girbau stands ready to grow alongside its customers. From the initial investment in cutting-edge technology to ongoing support and collaboration, Girbau is committed to empowering industrial laundries to achieve their goals and thrive in an increasingly competitive market. With Girbau by their side, industrial laundries can trust in a partner that not only delivers solutions like Sortech but also provides the expertise and support needed to drive success at every turn.



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