Return of Investment in Self-Service Laundries

A self-service laundry can yield a high return on investment (ROI), typically recovering the initial investment within a period of 1.5 to 3.5 years. But, do you know more reasons why investing in a self-service laundry is advantageous? Here are the main ones and how you can start your own business. It's easier than you think!

Why invest in a Self-Service Laundry?

Apart from offering a great opportunity for high ROI, a self-service laundry is a business with minimal fixed costs, requiring no extra inventory or staff. The investment isn't subject to economic cycles, making it a stable option. Additionally, it's a scalable business in terms of space and investment.

Moreover, studies indicate that self-service laundries have become a trending business in recent years. What's driving the increasing number of self-service laundries and their respective revenues? Primarily, it's attributed to current socio-economic factors such as the rise in single-person households, shrinking living spaces, higher household utility bills, increased awareness of environmental issues, and heightened attention to hygiene and disinfection by the population.

However, the density of self-service laundries remains relatively low, presenting a significant business opportunity for at least the next five to ten years. So, if you're considering investing, now is the time!


How to open your own Self-Service Laundry business?

Launching a self-service laundry entails an initial investment ranging from 30,000 to 80,000 €, considering machinery, premises, additional equipment, furniture, decoration, licensing, and construction work.

Starting your own laundry is simpler than you might think, but it's crucial to have industry experts like Girbau who can advise and support you throughout the process. To ensure the profitability and success of your business, the first step is to conduct comprehensive market research and feasibility studies. Based on these findings, you can make informed decisions regarding key factors such as location, premises, machinery, and facility design to kickstart your laundry operation.

At Girbau, we offer comprehensive support and guidance in every phase of creating and launching your self-service laundry. Going beyond mere suppliers, our 60+ years of industry experience enable us to understand your unique needs and provide tailored and effective solutions.


Achieve greater profitability in your Self-Service Laundry with Girbau

Our laundry solutions boast the highest performance in the market, ensuring efficient, cost-effective washing processes with unparalleled results. They offer maximum control for managers and utmost comfort for facility users.

Furthermore, with premium laundry solutions like our GENIUS Washer Series, you can attain higher productivity and profits compared to other models. The rapid spinning and drying speeds offered by this machine model enable significant savings on consumption and costs.

If you're considering opening your own self-service laundry or wish to learn more about this business opportunity, Girbau is here to assist you. Learn more about our solutions here!




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