Solutions to improve your business

At Girbau Laundry Specialists we offer you the methods and tools to explore the full potential of your business, improving its quality and reducing costs.

How we work

Programming and planning

1st stage | Analysis

  • On-site diagnosis
  • Analysis
  • Data collection
  • Report

2nd stage | Solution

  • Quote
  • Solution proposal
  • Solution implementation
  • Final result report
  • Follow-up control elements
  • Regular revisions

Your business has never
been so efficient

Specialist Program

We help you make the most of your business by streamlining the operations and consumption, installing advanced equipment, introducing more efficient processes and training the staff.
Water efficiency
Water efficiency
Improvement of equipment and design.
Training on the processes and equipment.
Energy efficiency
Laundry workflow process
Studies on investment and operating costs
Laundry management software.

Specialist training

  • Training on laundry processes and management.
  • Training on machine operability.
  • Specialist service.

Specialist service

  • Complete diagnosis.
  • Process solutions.
  • Logistics and stock management.
  • Technical diagnosis of machinery/preventive-corrective maintenance.
  • Laundry management.
  • Energy and consumption auditing.
  • Backing during solution implementation. RAMP-UP assistance.
  • Management software implantation.
  • Training programs.
  • Financial studies.

We are laundry managers, plant design engineers and equipment manufacturers.

We are Laundry Specialists

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