Textile Care Solutions

Girbau textile care solutions are engineered to quickly and effectively process even the most delicate garments and fabrics using water, rather than dry cleaning.

At Girbau, we share the know-how we have learnt over the years in each sector, but we always study each case and customise each laundry to your real needs, as if it were the first time. A solution for every laundry.


Girbau Textile Care
Benefits and Features

While many dry cleaners, restoration
companies and valet laundries already wet clean a percentage of incoming goods, Girbau provides them with the technology and confidence necessary to greatly increase that percentage, and even eliminate dry cleaning altogether. This is because the Girbau textile care solutions are not only cost-effective and environmentally friendly, they’re safe for nearly all fabrics.

Smaller Investment. Quick Return on Investment

Girbau textile care systems outperform traditional dry cleaning without the cost, space or negative
environmental impact. Our systems are considerably less expensive to purchase and install, occupy a smaller footprint, safely wet clean virtually any fabric type, and deliver productivity, quality, and ease-of-use.

Highly Programmable Wet Cleaning

Girbau Wet Cleaning machines are highly flexible and programmable – offering complete control over every variable of the wash cycle. They safely wet clean everything from delicate silk blouses and wool suits to casual wear, shirt laundry and household items – even pillows, stuffed animals and luggage. They offer programmable control over water temperature and levels, extract speed, number of baths, rotation action, automatic chemical injection, and more. Additionally, they can be programmed to comply with any and all laundering guidelines.

New-Technology Drying

Girbau ED Dryers are engineered to safely and quickly dry wet cleaned items without shrinkage and wrinkling. They offer several programmable phases in the drying process, as well as sophisticated control over multiple variables within those phases, including oven temperature, drum temperature, drum rotation action and G-force, timed reversing, and moisture sensing control technology. Many of these drying variables have never been offered before and most have not been programmable. By controlling variables by phase, even the most delicate items can be dried to the proper moisture level that’s ideal for finishing.
Because the dryers eliminate air drying, it takes wet cleaning to a whole new level of productivity. Choose from electric, natural gas and steam models.

No More Solvents

Using Girbau, you can eliminate costly solvents and become a completely environmentally friendly operation with the ability to operate anywhere.

Adaptable & Flexible

Girbau wet cleaning machines (8 to 110 kg capacities) are adaptable for use with disinfecting ozone system, as well as auxiliary electric/steam heating systems – allowing the machines to reach and hold water temperatures of 70°C, when necessary.

Soft-Mount Design

Unlike hard-mount machines, Girbau soft-mount wet cleaning machines offer an easy-to-install, freestanding design that doesn’t require reinforced concrete foundations and bolt-down. This saves thousands on installation costs, allows for simple relocation and servicing, and allows for high extract speeds reaching 450 G-force.

Ironing Automation

Girbau ironing systems perfectly process damp table and bed linens at very high speeds, yet take up just 60 square-meters-of-space. Many textile care providers have added ironed bed and table linens to their arsenal of services with huge gains in revenue. Known for high-quality results, Girbau ironing systems quickly iron bed and table linens straight from the wet cleaning machine without dryer preconditioning.

Compact Design to Fit in Your Space

Engineered for a compact footprint, Girbau wet cleaning machines and dryers take up to 40 percent less space and boost production 50 percent over alternative-solvent dry cleaning. Plus, our flatwork ironers can be installed in as little as 80-square-meter-of-space.

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