“Genius is making complex ideas simple, not making simple ideas complex”

Genius is proof that simplicity is the key to success

The new Genius Series of Girbau washing machines translates the complexity of laundry into simple, easy and intuitive processes. More control, improved customization and easier scheduling helps your laundry meet all customer challenges with flying colors.

Ergonomic & Efficient

Efficiency works together with ergonomics and ease-of-use

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A longer useful lifespan

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Easy to use

An innovative and user-friendly design

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Easy to use

An innovative and user-friendly design

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Superior Efficiency

Low environmental impact

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The advanced Genius Control System

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From the present to the future

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icon New design
Designed for the Future
icon Care drum
“Care Plus” Drum Design
icon IoT
IoT, WIFI & BLE ready
icon Safe door lock
Fail-Safe Door Lock
icon Wide door
Wide Door Opening
icon DMP
Disinfection Monitoring Package
icon Suspension
Robust Floating Suspension
icon screen
“The” Genius Control
icon GForce
Programmable 450 G-force Extract Speeds
icon Largest interface
Industry-Largest User Interface

The ultimate expression of washing efficiency

Enjoy washers with the highest spin speed on the market (450G constant) and the greatest savings in drying time and energy. Plus, an accelerometer monitors and corrects wash cycle vibrations to achieve an efficient, safe wash every time. No wonder Genius Series washers are backed by an unrivaled factory warranty.

The integrated weighing system will dramatically improve your laundry efficiency and wash quality, and simultaneously, you’ll enjoy easy maintenance accessibility and Girbau’s characteristic machine durability. Genius Series washers also offer remote connection and monitoring, and the ability to control all alarms from your mobile phone.

Pamper your team with washing machines designed for comfortable and ergonomic working conditions.

It has never been easier: You are the center

Everything in the Genius Series is designed with you in mind. The washers' waterproof and impact-resistant control screen is incredibly large to facilitate user interaction with the machine in an extremely intuitive way. The unparalleled programmability of the washers allows exceptional control over all variables of the wash cycle. And the Light Status Corner allows the status of the washing machine to be viewed from anywhere in the laundry.

Ergonomics and ease of access are translated into features such as wide door width and a large opening angle, allowing for quick loading and unloading of linen. Genius Washers are accessible washing machines for users with some degree of disability. The washer design is intended to facilitate interaction with end users and simplify and speed up maintenance tasks.

Accessible washing machines

The Internet of Things (IoT) is at its best in the new Genius Series. Remote programming and monitoring of the washing machines save you time and give you peace of mind. From any device (mobile, computer, tablet) you can download and update the washing machine software, monitor what is happening in your laundry, extract productivity reports, extract disinfection certificates for your customers with the Disinfection Monitoring Package, and manage incidents more efficiently with the Service Monitoring Package.

Connecting today to the future

At Girbau, each washing machine has always been born from its initial design phase with a double commitment: the best efficiency and performance for our customers' businesses, and the lowest possible environmental impact. The Genius Series Washers have become the most efficient and sustainable on the market, reducing energy consumption by up to 15%.

More efficiency less environmental impact

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Available Models

GS7009  |  GS7013  |  GS7018  |  GS7024  |  GS7028  |  GS7032