Cutting-edge laundry technology for healthcare facilities

Continuing with the classification we started in the previous post, today we're going to talk about professional washing machines and washing systems for the hospital sector and in the field of healthcare, where hygiene is not just an essential requirement, but also a legal obligation.

The coronavirus pandemic has shown how important it is to have good cleaning and disinfecting systems to ensure proper elimination of viruses and bacteria, so combating the spread of illness and creating safe environments. This is of vital importance if we're talking about hospitals, care centres or old people's homes where there is a risk population.

In this respect, the equipment developed by Girbau for this sector meets the strictest hygiene standards thanks to washing machines with a sanitary barrier that work with dirty linen loaded through the front door and clean linen unloaded at the back, keeping linen flowing forward as much as possible to avoid the risk of contamination.

Moreover, its batch washers are another system widely used in the healthcare sector as they can handle from 400 up to 1500 kg of linen per hour, making them a perfect option for laundries in big hospitals, hospital consortia and so on. These systems also save energy and costs, thanks to energy recovery systems like the Drain Intercooler, which takes advantage of heat energy in the water draining out to preheat the water coming in from outside, to achieve energy savings of up to 30%.

In this respect, technology has a fundamental role to play in the healthcare and hospital field. This is why Girbau works hard to offer specific tools and solutions to ensure that washing processes are carried out successfully.

Proof of this is its pioneering DMP (Disinfection Monitoring Package) solution, a new program that works with Sapphire, the smart remote control software from Girbau. This new feature aims to help customers, especially those with their own laundry, with their prevention and disinfection strategies by guaranteeing protocols that meet the demands of the new normality, by monitoring wash cycles and so making sure disinfection parameters have been fulfilled.

To do this Girbau has also reached an agreement with the Swiss company HeiQ, in order to offer its customers HeiQ Viroblock, one of the first antiviral and antimicrobial textile technologies that has proven its effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2 (the virus behind COVID-19), designed for industrial laundry facilities in the healthcare, hospitality and food industries.

A single wash with a high concentration of HeiQ Viroblock and subsequent drying provides a protection against contamination by germs and microbes that lasts for up to 30 conventional washes, after which the treatment needs repeating to restore antimicrobial protection in the fabric.

The new Girbau Genius range of washing machines has all the features and functions it needs to fit into the hospital sector, providing an effective response and ensuring a safe environment for patients and staff, while minimising energy consumption and ensuring the highest standards of sustainability, efficiency and effectiveness.














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