Girbau University: a new point of reference in specialist training in laundry, products, services and solutions

Here at Girbau we work to provide our clients with services and solutions to offer added value and help to boost their business. In this respect, training has a fundamental role to play. This is why we've decided to take the step of creating Girbau University. Would you like to know more about this initiative? Don't miss today's post!

What is Girbau University?

Laundries need to improve their processes, constantly cutting down on errors to improve profits, cut costs and boost productivity.

Girbau University has been set up under this premise, with the aim of providing a quality training service, both in matters relating to all the processes in a laundry, including management, monitoring, washing and sustainability (Laundry Academy); and in all kinds of training aimed at technicians regarding the operation of Girbau machinery (Technical Service).

Girbau University is therefore structured in broad lines of training, to provide a range of up-to-date content of use to different kinds of client according to the different profiles that exist in laundry:

  • Girbau Laundry Academy: this programme is made up of specific subject matter concerning laundry management, training in washing, ironing, fabrics, consumption of water, power, chemicals and the like and so on, and is designed to complement Girbau services and add value for our clients in, for example, hotels, care homes and industrial laundries, among others. 
  • Girbau Tech Training: this block includes specific training for all the approved technical support services in the world. Theoretical and practical training in machines, programming and maintenance for internal personnel, subsidiaries and distributors.
  • Solutions, products and services (SPS): this includes all the technical and sales arguments concerning current machines, solutions and services, as well as new launches.
  • Innovation: the block aimed at innovation techniques, seminars and the Innovators' Club meetings.

To run all the educational activities (courses, workshops, webinars, presentations, seminars and so on), and with the aim of opening doors for as many professionals as possible, Girbau University provides 3 spaces for running courses: the Girbau Experience Center (GXC), where face-to-face courses are run; the E_learning platform, where quality online courses can be accessed conveniently; and the On Tour format, run on clients' own premises.

In short, Girbau University is the result of our determination as a company to go on making our modest contribution to society, becoming the first laundry training portal (physical and online) provided for professionals in the industry and made up of expert trainers with wide experience in the sector.  

To find out about the range of training offered by Girbau University you can go to: 

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