Innovation and sustainability: an inseparable duo to achieve climate goals

Environmental impact that directly affects our world is increasing, and therefore both individuals and institutions are calling more and more for greater commitment by economic stakeholders to turn around a situation that is close to escalating beyond a point of no return. There is no planet B, so any pro-sustainability measure is a positive contribution to caring for our planet and all the beings that live on it.

In this context, Girbau is aware that the industrial laundry sector has to be an agent for change by fostering positive transformations in their operations. This is why the company has for years now taken up the concerns of the planet as a whole in terms of climate change, embarking on a phase in which innovation and sustainability go hand in hand.

Like this Girbau seeks to consolidate its leading position in order to capitalize on adapting to a greener, more environment-friendly model and be able to make its mark on the planet to mitigate the effects of rising global temperatures. Thus, through an environmental focus, Girbau products are aligned with the company's value proposition, involving an essential requirement to innovate in order to improve the service it provides and have a positive impact on the environment.


An opportunity for every innovation

On the basis of research, textile processing technology and the know-how of the talent in the firm, Girbau develops disruptive, innovative industrial laundry machinery with a view to circularity, energy efficiency and top-class service to ensure the health and well-being of both users and the planet.

In this respect, the design of the new Girbau GENIUS Series washing machines is a paradigmatic example of how efficiency and sustainability can complement one another. This new series of washing machines stands out for its ergonomics and efficiency, able to ensure the highest spin speed on the market while at the same time assuring the minimum environmental impact. In fact, the products in the new GENIUS series are now the most efficient and sustainable on the market, managing to cut energy consumption by up to 15%.

In a volatile, uncertain context in energy terms, a commitment to efficiency can be a stand-out factor to bring about major changes in the environment. Thus, machinery designed by Girbau meets this need with innovative products focused on maximum profitability throughout their life cycle, in order to cut emissions and comply with the decisions agreed on in the Agenda 2030. 

This agenda calls for a major effort by businesses, involving the design of versatile, efficient new products. In this respect, according to the latest Girbau Sustainability Report, energy consumption in industrial laundries accounts for between 20% and 25% of operating costs and 40% of this goes on heating and hot water. Girbau therefore offers ways of saving up to 30% on gas or electricity consumption with innovations like water-water heat exchangers and air-air heat exchangers, as well as non-steam solutions.

Ultimately, in order to remain a major player in the switch to sustainable development in the industry, Girbau's production process will continue to be guided by spotting opportunities. From now on, Girbau will take up new challenges through the INDPULS platform, a hub created for the purpose of fostering collaboration between established and emerging industrial concerns to reinforce the industrial innovation ecosystem, placing center stage the most important factor in protecting our planet and its inhabitants: sustainability.


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