We interviewed Sara Cortés, the owner of El Safareig laundry in Mollet del Vallès, Spain.

We interviewed Sara Cortés, the owner of El Safareig laundry in Mollet del Vallès, Spain. El Safareig is her second self-service laundry equipped with Girbau solutions, specifically the latest GENIUS series of washing machines.

Sara Cortés is an entrepreneur who founded her self-service laundry after contacting with our team in 2014.

Before diving into this world she had a stable job, but felt that she wanted to do something on her own, so, with a huge restlessness and lots of nerves, she saw the great opportunity that comes up in the self-service laundry and did not hesitate to contact us for advice.

Her great dedication and affection have made her business a success from the beginning, allowing her to dedicate herself fully to it today. Sara strives to offer the best experience to her end customers to make them feel as comfortable as possible and turn them into regular customers.

In her first self-service laundry she had our previous model of HS washing machines but, when it came to setting up her second laundry, He opted without hesitation for the efficiency of our new GENIUS series of washing machines, a range that stands out for its innovative design, high energy efficiency and easy usability.

We wanted to know why this change to the GENIUS range and what results she is noticing after a few months of operation.


Good morning, Sara. How are you?

Hi, Marta! Well, the truth is that I'm doing very well. The laundries are getting better and better and I'm very happy and grateful for the machines and the treatment I get from the whole Girbau community.


Which of your laundries works best? And what do you think is the reason?

The laundry with GENIUS machines works better for me, for several reasons; aesthetically it is much nicer, the machines are more efficient and the final customer notices it in a shorter drying time. Also, with GENIUS machines they can choose more wash programs, and they really like that.

The spinning of this series is incredible, as well as the hype; I notice it a lot in the final result of the clothes. Customers really appreciate it!


Have you made a cost comparison between the two laundries? What have you found?

If I'm honest, I have not done an exhaustive study between laundries, I have it pending....

But I can tell you that by washing more in the laundry with the GENIUS series, I have similar costs to the other, so, drawing quick conclusions, I find that the GENIUS consumes less. Despite the screens it has and the super LED light, which I personally love!


Have you heard anything from your customers?

The most repeated thing among them is that the clothes come out much more spin-dry and they are delighted with so many programs. Especially professional customers.

In addition, I have users who also tell me about the amazing design of the machine.


Do you have customers who used to go to the old one and now go to the GENIUS Laundry?

Yes! Let's see, first of all, since the population of Mollet is better covered, some have changed simply because the new one is closer... But it is true that many others have changed because their experience is better in the new one, since it is nicer and bigger. Mostly it is the professional customers, such as gyms and restaurants above all, who have changed laundries, since they have specific needs and with the versatility of the GENIUS these are covered.


Do you think your laundry is different from the others? Do customers appreciate this type of laundry?

Yes, without a doubt. Just the fact that a customer can put in a longer program and put in other products, because other laundries don't have that.

Also, offering the opportunity to do the washing and drying in less time than others... That's what differentiates me the most! Drying here is much faster.


With which series are you then considering opening the third laundry?

First of all, I'll see if I can get another place. But, if I do and I go back to venture, I would open it with GENIUS, I have no doubt about it! 


In this new laundry El Safareig, they have Girbau equipment totally adapted to their needs and of the highest quality and efficiency possible: two washer extractors GS7009, one GS7013, one GS7018, three dryers ED340, the Sapphire Payment Kiosk and the Sapphire Laundry Pay App.


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